Monday, March 19, 2012

In the Nano

BZRK by Michael Grant

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

All I knew about BZRK when I picked it up was that it was written by Michael Grant and it had something to do with hackers. So since I knew it was written by the infamous author of the mind blowing, revolutionary GONE novels I had an idea that whatever I was about to read would be hard-core, cringe-worthy, and make me question my morals and limits as a reader and a human being. My thinking that this was about hackers wasn't too far off. Except instead of a group of nerds somebody's basement encrypting files on a super computer these kids were hacking people's brains.
     BZRK is a group of young adults who are equipped with biots, minuscule bug like creatures that BZRK members can operate with their brains as an extension of their own body. These biots are about the size of a dust mite.
     BZRK is trying to stop the AFGC, Armstrong Fancy Gift Company, from wiring the brains of the most influential world powers on earth.The AFGC appears to be your basic major gift shop chain found in every airport and train station. But their owner(s) have bigger plans for the company. Benjamin and Charles Armstrong are twins. They never do anything with out the other. Not because they like each other as much as the fact they are conjoined twins. With three eyes, three legs but two separate people in this body, the Armstrong twins' appearances are enough to make a baby cry. They operate their own team of "hackers" using nanobots and extreme gamers to achieve their goal of world happiness.

This book has the writing we have come to know and love from Grant as well as the great character development. Although at times there we simply so many names and characters to remember it could get confusing. But while I could see the signs of Grants writing this book was completely its own. A totally original idea unique in its own ways.

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