Monday, May 7, 2012

What is this, Middle School??

This is your typical teen girl confused, mindless rant. Last week I went to a school baseball game to see some friends on the team. Had some brief encounters with some of the other players, nothing to write home about. Next thing I know that night one of my friends texts me asking me what I think of one of the guys on the team. I barely new the guy, just met him that day. But my gut instinct was he wasn't my type which is what I told her. She of course then tells this kid that. Honestly I have Zero interest in the kid but I was like what the hell i'll make the guys night and text him. Well that was ok, boring as crud but ok. Until i get a text the next morning "mornin'". Woahhhh there buddy, no body signed up for good morning texts here. Back up that relationship train. In fact get rid of that train, you are making this way more than it needs to be. So now i must put up with the most boring, pathetic flirtation I have ever had to deal with. Well, second most pathetic, but tops to the boring. Its like middle school all over again but wayy more awkward because i thought we were all past this stage by now. Why is it so easy for me to hook the guys that im not interested in, yet so much work to get attention from the ones I want to hook??? Questions that plague the teenage mind. or at least mine. FML.