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This would be my follow up to the Evolution of Mara Dyer. I could talk about this book for days. There may be some light *spoilers* if you are very sensitive to that, but nothing huge.
I don't know exactly how I want to set up this post so I'm just winging it. First up just some snippets and pieces that I love way too much not to mention. Mainly I want to point a spotlight on the magnificent, amazing, wonderful brother that is Daniel Dyer. While Noah Shaw is Mr Panty Dropping Grin, Daniel Dyer is the one that would have me as putty in his hands. He is the sweetest person and his love for Mara just melts me. I hate "ruining" things for people but I love this quote of Daniels, so if you don't want to read it don't look at the quote below. But i swear its just the sweetest thing I've ever read.
"I wish she knew that she's really Mom's favorite". . . "I wish Mara knew that I never minded, because she's my favorite too."
I start tearing up every time I read this chapter. So three cheers and some tears for Daniel, my favorite.

Now moving on to my findings and theories. The biggest thing in this sequel is the emphasis Michelle puts on names."There is power in a name," the phrase is repeated throughout the book. So I took the hint and searched the meaning of just about all the names and I must say it paid off. Here is a list of some of the names I found:
  • Mara- Demon, Hebrew for bitter
  • Amitra (Mara's middle name)- Sanskrit for destroyer of the enemy
  • Sarin (Indie Dyer's maiden name)- all i could find on this one is it may be Hindi for "helpful" and that is it also the name of a lethal nerve gas. 
  • Noah- Rest, Comfort
  • Elliot (Noah's middle name) - "My God is the Lord"
  • Simon (Noah's other middle name) - Hebrew for "He has heard" 
  • Jamal (Jamie's full name)- Arabic for handsome or beauty 
  • Stella- Star
  • Benicia (Stella's last name)- Blessed 
  • Jude-Praised 
  • Lowe- Hebrew for Combined or old French for "young-wolf"
  • Phoebe- bright, radiant, pure 
  • Daniel- Hebrew for "God is my judge" 
  • Joseph- Hebrew for "he will add" or "he will enlarge" 
  • Rachel- a lamb; one with purity
So that's what I found, some names I suggest reading into more than others; it's interesting to read the characters with their meanings in mind. You can see how well some things fit such as Noah or Mara Amitra. Some of these meanings I looked up as I was reading this book and I was a little shocked by them when I found them, its so exciting I wrote them all right in the book.
*Mild Spoiler* I Love good symbolism in a story. One of my favorites in Evolution was when Mara and Noah found the other charm, the one just like the one Noah always wears. "They're mirror images," Mara says which set off sparks of thought in my head. Of course they are mirror images because one is Mara's and the other Noah's and while they are one and the same they are each others opposites. Mara destroys and Noah heals, Mara points anger outward, Noah in; Mara is open and thinks magically, Noah is more rigid and comfortable with science. As Michelle puts it "Healer and destroyer, noon and midnight." perfect symbolism.
And that seems to be all I have for today, although I did say I could talk about this for hours so I might be back with more. Until then enjoy my Evolution of Mara Dyer playlist below!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Prefectly Imperfect

The Evolution of Mara Dyer
The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Mara Dyer once believed she could run from her past.

She can’t.

She used to think her problems were all in her head.

They aren’t.

She couldn’t imagine that after everything she’s been through, the boy she loves would still be keeping secrets.

She’s wrong.

In this gripping sequel to The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, the truth evolves and choices prove deadly. What will become of Mara Dyer next?
These books are so beyond unreal. I have never read into every word of a book the way I do these. I marked this book up like it was a notebook. Michelle has little "easter eggs" hidden all over this book which I am determined to get to the bottom to. I might do a whole post on my blog later about some of my finding. This book played heavily on my emotions. I kind of break it up into segments based on the core feeling. It goes from cautious and picks up speed to heart wrenching and takes a stop at the creepy crazy psycho station then we get to the secret part and the avoidance and then a brief moment of acceptance and peace only to be followed by terror and the most gnawing feeling of frustration that makes you want to pull your hair out, you are rewarded for you patience with this uncomfortable feeling with revelation which of course then brings you crashing down to earth at warp speed, stripping you of all prior theories, hopes, or ability to feel joy. The latter side effects could last for hours, days, or months after reading, for Michelle Hodkin has once again left us all holding our breaths.

I will most definitely have more of this review and/or a post of my findings in The Evolution of Mara Dyer, including a playlist, in the very near future on my blog, so be sure to check it out soon!

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Monday, October 15, 2012


So as some may know the new Mara Dyer book is coming out in just about a wekk and I am FREAKING out!! :) If you have no idea what i am talking about please go educate yourself, google it or better yet scroll down to my review of The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin. These books blow my mind and I want to share their mind blowing awesomeness with the world, I also really want to win this Mara Swag contest. So for both selfish and altruistic reasons here is the teaser trailer for The Evolution of Mara Dyer on shelves next Tuesday October 23. What a beautiful date.  If video doesn't work here is the link:

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The Perfect Mistake

My Favorite Mistake
My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Song for this Read: Sympathy by Goo Goo Dolls and You'll Ask for Me by Tyler Hilton
My Playlist:

There are also may musical references throughout the book some of them I complied below, I highly suggest listening along as the songs or artist are mentioned :)

Taylor Caldwell can't decide if she wants to kiss her new college roommate or punch him.

On the one hand, Hunter Zaccadelli is a handsome, blue-eyed bundle of charm. On the other, he's a tattooed, guitar-playing bundle of bad boy. Maybe that's why Taylor's afraid of falling in love with him, or anyone else. She doesn't want to get burned, and even though her other roommates adore him, she wants him gone before it's too late.

Hunter himself has been been burned before, but the fact that Taylor calls him out on his crap and has the sexiest laugh ever make him decide maybe love isn't a lost cause. They make a bet: if she can convince him she truly loves or hates him, he'll leave the apartment--and leave her alone. The problem is, the more time they spend together, the less she hates him, and the more she moves toward love.

But when the man who holds the key to Taylor's fear of giving up her heart resurfaces and threatens to wreck everything, she has to decide: trust Hunter with her greatest secret, or do everything in her power to win that bet and drive him away forever.

Surprisingly great read. None of the typical girl hates boy, girl falls for boy, misunderstanding/fight between girl and boy, girl and boy make up plot line. And thank goodness cause while the first 100 or so were alright I think we can all agree that story has be just about all worn out.
I loved Hunter and Taylor's story it was a perfect mix of cute cliche and originality. While the ending was completely fitting I would I have loved to have gotten to keep reading. I was kinda excited about the new prospects of Taylor and Hunter and their friends lives there at the end, I would love to continue their story. I also really wanted to see how Hope did Christmas. It was a very really book in the fact that not everything was tied up and revisited. It was just a chapter of these people's lives and not everything was finished. Personally I find ending with everything perfectly wrapped up in a pretty little bow ominous anyway.
I really did love reading this one. If not a sequel I would also love to read more about some of the supporting characters stories, specifically Darah and Mase's. This book will probably be one that I come back more than once.

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