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Hi, hi!
I'm Cully. I'm a bookworm, a slight TV junkie and a bit of a home-body.
I read mostly YA (Young Adult) really anything in that genre I'll read as long as it isn't about vampires. I love to watch TV. I don't think I am very picky, I'll watch almost any genre of tv shows as well. I don't do sitcoms. I love hour long dramas but I do not do half hour sitcoms. As far as movies go I don't see many but I'm a sucker for old ones on TCM or anything 80s.

My reviews are pretty simple. Most times I will just have them sent over from Goodreads with my number of stars out of 5 and a short review. Sometimes I will add on to these reviews later directly from the site. What you will get from a review depends on my mood. Sometimes it may be a long in depth summary of the story and my reactions. Other times it might be a quick sentence or two saying whether i liked it or not not with out much of an explanation. What I am now trying to do is put up a song that I feels goes well with the book. Sometimes, if i have the time and really enjoyed a book I will even put up whole playlists I've made for the books on Spotify. I love mixing art like that.

I don't just post book reviews. I post about my experiences and anything I just find too cool not to share. About my favorite shows, i can get pretty dedicated to them during the season. And sometimes I may post about how I just love Jace Wayland. completely random. I may even post, out of the blue, about how totally awesome The Cab's new album is. (or any other band for that matter) With me You never know what your gonna get. But I promise to try my best to keep it relevant and keep it interesting.

*Comment on any post! I love feed back. Ask me a question about a post. if you want I'd be happy to discuss topics further.

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