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The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer
The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

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Posted in august: This cover is absolutely breathtaking! I know not to judge by the cover but, really, how can anything with such a stunning picture on the front not be amazing? truly gorgeous

Well I was right. With a cover that great this book had to be amazing. And whatever i was expecting, this was 100X more amazing. This is arguable the best book I have read all year. There is a lot of mystery surrounding this book. There was no real plot summary given before the book was released, I wasn't even sure of the exact genre when I picked it up. But that really just added to the craziness of this story.

To break it down for you, while keeping the mystery intact, here is a bit of a deeper summary. Mara Dyer has just moved to Florida from Rhode Island. She hates Florida. But there is nothing for her in RI anymore, all her friends are dead. She doesn't remember how it happened, but she knows that something is not right. How was it that she is the only one who survived the building collapse? Mara thinks she is going crazy. A kind of crazy that goes beyond the PTSD. Mara thinks she is broken. Everyday is a struggle to avoid hallucinations and shy away from mirrors which may hold more than her own reflection. This is Mara's life, until she meets Noah Shaw. Ruggedly handsome, permanently disheveled, English accented, Noah Shaw. Despite his man-whore reputation Mara finds herself trusting and enjoying his company more and more. In fact Mara is falling hard. But it is hard to have a healthy relationship when you think you are certifiable.

I loved this book. Characters are always the most important component of a story in my opinion. And Mara did not disappoint. Mara Dyer herself is a puzzle. And I was truly riveted by her thoughts. She is a captivating protagonist. Noah of course is a dream boy. let me explain my thought process of Noah: If Noah Shaw and Jace Wayland (City of Bones sex god) were to have a sexiness competition ... well the jury is still out on the winner but it would be a close race. And then there is Daniel. Perfect, dorky, lovable, over achiever older brother Daniel. Think Justin Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place but slightly less awkward and abnormal. Oh and not a wizard :P I pretty much love all of Mara's family.
Next comes the plot its self. Well I have to give Hodkin credit, she has really kept the contents of this book under wraps. In fact we still don't really know what is going on. And I finally understand why all the secrets. The mystery adds so much to the contents of the story.
The language of this book was lyrical. I loved the abstract and unconventional vocabulary (probably comes with having a British character) And the words really just flowed off the page. I loved reading this book. I was addicted. truly Addicted.
Please Please PLease read this book! Its mind blowing.

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