Monday, February 6, 2012

Some hate mail came for you...

I wonder If he can sense the utter hatred I have toward him and his class. How very time I'm forced to look at him my hate seizes out of my eyes. How he more I have to listen the crap coming out of his mouth the closer I come to exploding and calling him on all of his BS. This class blows. I literally all feel myself tensing with hatred, and stress and my patience is wearing thin.
Lets just call him Mr. Piss. that fits nicely. Mr. Piss is creepy. He is way to "friendly" with students. He wants to know everything about everyone of his students social lives. He has no sense of personal space. He will come right up to you and sit down 3 inches away from your face. He will walk around his class room and stand right behind you, to the point where if you turn around your face would be perfectly positioned in his crotch. I feel violated and uncomfortable often. He makes inappropriate comments to students, such as "You always look beautiful, Angela" or "who wants to meet up for a little one on one research on saturday?? I'll brings snacks."
You may be imagining Mr. Piss a overly flirty, slightly perverted young 20-30 something and so this behavior isn't to revolting. Well, you would be wrong. Mr. Piss is an old man. Not so old where you cut him a break on how perverted he is because he is so very old and probably losing his marbles. But Mr. Piss is just old enough to where this behavior is at its maximum on the creepy scale. He is probably in his 60's at least. Picture this: a pink striped button up, top couple buttons left loose, khakis up to mid rib cage, white hair to grey hair and very creepy old guy glasses which he takes on and off every other second. Does he look like a nasty teacher/ sex offender in your head yet?? Well try this on for size: Mr. Piss has had atleast 2 wives. He has 2 daughters who are in their mid to late thirties, a good 15 years older than me atleast. He has 2 other daughters the oldest of which is in 9th grade. a couple years younger than me. Both sets of daughters are biologically his. Now are you grossed out??
He is a horrible teacher. He puts his own political view spin on everything he teaches. He rather freely displays his views on gay rights, political leaders, and current event issues. And if you disagree and say something about it in a project of essay your conclusion/ opinion will me counted incorrect. I get it i sound whiny, this is what school is, finding out what teachers want you to say and spitting it back at them but at some point I feel i need to draw the line. I don't believe/ agree with a word this arrogant ba-- crud face is preaching to this class. I have been swallowing all the comments I would love to spew right back at him but its more difficult everyday. I hate his teaching methods, I hate his political agenda, I hate this class, I hate Mr. Piss.
And the worst part is besides sound off in this post, I can do nothing about it. To the people in charge I have no argument. He is not technically sexually harassing students, he is teaching the curriculum, I can't switch a class because I don't like or don't agree with a teacher. Plus Mr. Piss would never agree to letting me switch because he thinks i'm just a quiet, hardworking student.
I hate this. I hate waking up and dreading school because i have to deal with this class. I hate going to this class and trying not ot roll my eyes. I hate that class ruining my mood for the rest of the day. I hate when this class is over and spend my entire free period writing blogs about how much I hate this class. I just want it to be over. Summer can't come soon enough.

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