Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Something Out of Nothing

Callum & Harper
Callum & Harper by Fisher Amelie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Songs for this Book: Drift Away by Move Out West, Everywhere by Michelle Branch, Only Fooling Myself by Kate Voegele,  Please Don't Go by Barcelona (duh!)

This book was equal parts charming, breathtaking, frustrating and heartbreaking. The writing its self was really lovely. The grammar, at times, left something to be desired, but it didn't distract too much from the story. Harper and Callum are intoxicating narrators. Their voices are so strong and both so witty and real. This is just one of those book that no one will ever really get until they read it themselves. I could give you a very lengthy summary of this story and let you know how it all plays out but there is some kind a poetry to the words in this story that really make you fall in love with it.

Harper and Callum are two lost souls failed by the foster system. Having turned 18 they have been kicked to the curb. One fateful day they find each other instantly feel as though they have found a missing piece of themselves. Callum takes Harper under his wing as he has been on his own a little longer than her. Each night fighting for a bed to sleep on. These two seem to have to worst luck ever, with robbery, stalkers, arson, brooding hidden love, and a knack for always getting interrupted at critical moments. But together with dear friends along the way they form a big misfit family. More family than either of them has ever had.

 I must say, the beginning is my favorite, when these two first meet there is such an innocence to their relationship, but they grow some much as characters as the book progresses over several years. Its the young innocence that pulls you in and the growth and maturity of themselves and their relationship that keeps you turning pages.
Its honestly a great read, its indie label is a bit off putting to some, as I was at first, but It will make you laugh and smile and wave your arms around in anguish, and if you're anything like me, you will love every word of it.

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