Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Amazon Princess vs the Poison Apple

Amazon has just released there new Kindle Family. The latest and Greatest being the Kindle Fire. 

Think of this as the option in between an ipad and and itouch. The Amazon Kindle Fire is about the same size as your typical Kindle. But this one has a multi-touch color screen, compatible with android apps, cloud connection and a super cool new browser, Amazon Silk.  
When I heard about the Amazon Fire i took it as a sign. I have been fed up with apple and all of their new encryption on my music downloads and limiting my authorization on certain items. You can't even make an MP3 of your itunes music these days due to the encryption. I for one have had enough. I decided I am making the switch to amazon. Lets face it, amazon is way more user/customer friendly. They have better deals, wider selections, and the almighty Cloud! Yes, apple did you release their new cloud drive. But come on Steve Jobs Amazon has had their's out for months now, what ever happened to Apple being a trend setter?? Plus with amazon, unlike with the icloud, you get unlimited access to your files for any computer. Not just 5 authorized ones like with steve's idea.  Yeah so thanks for the good times apple, it was fun before you started limiting my musical and video experiences to certain computers with slim to none sharing ability. We get it you dont want people mass distributing your stuff, but have you ever considered the idea that some...(most) of your customers just want to make a harmless MP3 for their car but they can't thanks to you. (actually you can but it is a hassle) If people were really downloading music for those reasons, they wouldn't be paying for the songs in the first place, they would be getting for free off the web.
So that is why i decided to try to make the switch. it's going to be hard but i have had enough. Now my big question is whether i want the Kindle fire. On the one hand I have never really had an interest in the iphones or ipads, i just don't need all that stuff on my phone, and its a big time waste. With the pad i figured it was so big why not just use the laptop? But i feel with this size and all the amazing new amazon features, such as the super fast Silk browser Fire might be worth it. It is bigger and faster than my phone for internet uses, yet smaller and easier to handle and travel with than a laptop or ipad. Hmmm i'm going to have to sleep on this one. either way I am very excited for the advancements of amazon. I wish them the best!!

Introducing Amazon Silk | Amazon Silk

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