Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lola & Anna & Vulcans Oh My!

As you may have noticed in my cute little widget on the side of the page, there is 2 weeks left until Steph Perkin's new book Lola and the Boy Next Door hits shelves and/or set thru the whisper net onto your Ereader. Either way this is very exciting!
Lola is Stephanie's second book the first being of course Anna and the French Kiss. If you know nothing about Steph's writing I just want to say please don't judge a book by it's cover. The cover art may seem a little juvenile and cheesy. The title may seem a little cliche and very Chick lit-y.. And the author may have blue hair. But if you just put any reservations aside and open the book I promise you will be pleasantly surprise with what you find. In fact it will probably leave you wanting more. Good thing Stephanie just posted a cute little bonus scene the other day! 
The scene was written for the HelpWriteNow auction to benefit southern storm relief in America. The Winner Richard Grooms got to pick a theme for the piece and he chose:  Vulcans . It's a cute little scene and you can read it Here. And for those hardcore Anna fans there will be a second bonus scene out next month. So make sure you check out Stephanie Perkins click any of the links above for more info on her or her writing. 

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