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Dead Wrong

Dead Beautiful
Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Songs for this book: (... hmm let me think of some songs i hate...)
Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not by Thompson Square (i hate this song, ill explain why i chose it in the review)
 Two is Better than One- by Boys Like Girls ft. Taylor Swift. (I don't actually hate this song, It's just fitting.)

Definitely some SPOILER type stuff. Including a list about the failure of the ending. But since i didn't even like this book, I entreat you to read on and learn all the reasons not to read this book. 

This book had so much potential: Boarding school, forbidden romance, the undead. Yet by the end I was extremely disappointed. The book was beautifully written. The words really flowed off the paper, and i guess that is why even though I wasn't totally enjoying the plot that I continued reading.

Let me begin with Dante. *cringe*. I never really liked him as a character. I suppose he was intended to be strikingly attractive and built with hair "like an Italian model" and brooding and sexy. Well he wasn't. All I could imagine him as was a husky kid in dire need of a hair cut and was totally sketch. Plus, I mean his name is Dante.. ick. I'm not usually prejudiced with characters names, I can usually get over them if I dont like it cause I fall for the character and can forgive them of their unfortunate name. But Dante really just wasn't working for me. I chose "are you gonna kiss me or not" because throughout the whole book thats pretty much what Renee is asking him and guess what? he never does. How romantic! (that was sarcasm)

The whole book is really repetitive. Renee goes to class, Renee gets in trouble, Renee goes to her room, Renee complains about Dante to Eleanor, Renee sneaks out, Renee gets in trouble, Renee complains about a conspiracy, Renee gets nasty sappy about Dante. Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

This book could have used some serious Character Development. By the end of the book I still felt like a barely knew any of these characters. Speaking of the "end" of the book lets talk about how this one didn't really have one. First of all I still have no clue really went on at the end. There was some creeptastic mind switch thing and Renee became Dante or something icky like that. Then with absolutely no resolution to the prior events of the book, Dante essentially kills himself. umm okkk.
He is what I'm missing. In list form:
1. Why? ....... Why did Gideon do it? why did he kill the head mistress?
2. Nathaniel. is he undead or not? does he know he is? does he die?
3. What happens to poor little Eleanor? And how will her brother handle this?
4. Did we ever figure out how Renee's parents died?
5. what happens now that the headmistress is dead?
6. How does Renee live with herself and knowing she sorta killed her sorta boyfriend?
7. are we just going to let Minnie keep thinking she is crazy?

I have more, this are just a few that come to mind. SO to sum this up, this book is a 456 pages of wasted potential, and creepy ugly men. (Am i the only one who was grossed out by the fact that Dante was essentially 34? ICKKK!!) So while the words were nice to read the plot did nothing for me.

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