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Et Tu, Brute!

Clockwork Prince
Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Songs for this book: Paper-cut (bonus Track)- By the Summer Set, The way I loved you- By Taylor Swift, All I Know-By Parachute

This is the Second book is the Infernal Devices series, and prequel series to the Mortal Instruments series. If you haven't read either I highly suggest you do. If you happen to have read Clockwork Angel (the first in this series) and not found it quite up to par for you I highly suggest you give Clockwork another chance and pick this book up. I can almost Guarantee satisfaction and  that you will change your mind about these books. I sure did (even though I liked them in the first place, but I like them a whole lot more. and less... at the same time. Its complicated).

So I dont really know what to put here. I liked the book, I really, really did. There was a point where I thought I liked it more than any Cassie Clare book yet. I mean everything was going pretty good, a few hiccups but things seemed to be going my way. But then pg 431 snuck up on me and sucker punched me in the gut. WILLLLLL!!! What will become of his poor lonesome heart? How could you be so cruel Tessa? YEt even then I could laugh at the Demon Pox jokes. (seriously histericalllll). But im still depressed. And what worse, its over and I'm having Will withdrawal. And Will withdrawal can be even worse than Jace withdrawal because Will has such amazing Character development and this new innocent cuteness to him.

Yet through all my pain I press onward. As I did with Clary and Jace. For even when there seemed to be no hope, Cassie made a way for them. And I have faith in a similar miracle for Tessa and Will. I mean come on, Will is a Herondale! they always get the girl :) (knock on wood.)

Here is my reactions as posted on tumblr:
(note: raw emotions here. posted seconds after finishing the book and no rational thought was possible.)

I was reallllly happy at first like if you saw me reading it you would think i was insane.I would stop all the sudden and just giggle like an idiot.
And then when every star was aligning page 431 came and CRUSHED me. I thought I could not go on.
But then I chose to continue to hope….
only to have that Tease, Tessa lead me on. Bitch.
But I didn’t give up on Jace and Clary even when their situation seemed more than impossible (if not revolting… and yeah i did sorta give up for like a month but then I gave in and read city of ashes… never doubt true love again *swoons*) so I chose to continue holding out for Will and Tessa. 
P.S. I love Magnus - I did this weird little happy dance when ever he showed up. which is strange cause I never really liked him that much in TMI but he is so awesome here. 
P.P.S. I loveeeee William Herondale. 

Also Charlotte and Henry are a-dork-able!

So yep, this book was crazyyyy. I had to get up and take a break ever now and then cause I was so over stimulated. There were points (pg 431) where i literally almost had a panic attack. Truly until that point I was biding my time, trying to make this book last because I never wanted it to end. But once that went down I admit I kinda just skimmed for Will's name and had to go bad and read the rest later. Some of that Jem stuff I couldn't stomach and so I still haven't fully read it.

{if you haven't guessed I'm team Will. I tried to like Jem. I really did. but as with the Hunger Games, it is hard to be civil with the Peeta character ( jem in this case) when he is heartlessly tearing her away from her soul mate  Gale. (Will, as it would be.).}

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