Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Got me Running around in Circles

School has begun. Summer has left us and took my reading time with it. Therefore the reason why it has taken me a while to finish The Maze Runner By James Dashner.

The Concept of this book is a bunch of teenage boys are all trapped in a maze. They don't remember anything about themselves or how they got there, they just know they have to get out. Every month a new kid arrives in the "the box", supplies come in it every so often as well. After two years of searching high and low for the door out they boys have gotten no where.  But when Thomas arrives in the maze he has a feeling he is different. and his theory is proven when the very next day a girl, the first one ever, and Thomas feels like he knows her. Like, if he had his memory she would be important. As if having a girl in their male populated prison isn't a bad enough sign, she also brings news: She's the last one.

So Thomas, Newt, Minho, little Chuck and this mysterious new girl are left to find an escape. Filled with Boys gone crazy, wild stinging hunks of metal on wheels Grievers, and Great new slang (klunck, shuck-face, slint-head, shank) this book of finding the truth is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

I enjoyed this read a lot. As a (super) fan of the Hunger Games i found myself quickly adapting to the ways of life of the Gladers. I thought the book had a great story line. Although when reading it you have to keep in mind that this is the 1st book in a trilogy, and so much of this book was simply setting up for the others. or at least thats how it seemed to me. the first 2/3 of this book was almost all background information, which i do greatly appreciate because it adds a lot of character growth to the book, but i also wanted to get on with it.
 Most of the  important information to help you understand what is really going on is not revealed till the end, which kept you guessing but also made it frustrating to try to follow the story. This approach makes sense because the book is told in the POV of Thomas the new kid and we learn about the maze as he does but it can still be irking at times.
 I for one would have enjoyed reading this story from Newt (one of the Glades leaders) point of view or Minho (the keeper of the runners) or even little Chuck. once again i understand why Dashner wrote in Thomas Point of view he is the hero after all but it makes parts of the book awkward to read. If it was told by Newt or Chuck or Minho i think we would have gotten alot more information from the start and had an easier read. 

So that is my critical review. I really enjoyed this book but it was just one of those that i had different ideas for than the author. but then again i dont know what lays in store next for these guys im sure there is a method to Dashner's riveting madness! 

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