Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let the Battle Begin

What Happens when you take the 16 best YA fantasy warriors of all time and have them fight to be named the best? All out WAR of course. But also you would get the YA fantasy Showdown.

Basically whats going on is right now till Sunday the 15th the first battles are going on. all 16 characters are in the running. When you click on a characters name it will take you to the  battle page. There you can get stats on each player and read a brief description of how the fight would likely go down. Scroll a little farther and you can see you the predicted winner is. After you have taken in all the facts you can then vote for who you want to win. Pick wisely because you can only do it once per battle. Then feel free to leave a comment about the fight below that and read other opinions.

I strongly encourage everyone to go vote so examples of characters in the challenge are: Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games), Sam Temple (Gone), and of course Edward Cullen (Twilight) but he is loosing to Katsa (Graceling) pretty badly right now.

so if your interested in supporting your favorite hero click here YA Fantasy Showdown!

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