Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Hunger Games!

With the release date for the final installment of the Hunger Games Trilogy, Mockingjay, drawing near I felt it was only right to talk about it.

Warning: This will not be the last time I talk about the Hunger Games. I feel that everyone should read them. Although they are YA novels i think anyone over the age of 12 came get something out of these books. Sure I read them for the suspense for the love triangle action for the death but as with any dystopia book i feel there is something to learn from them. Does that mean i think our world is going to become just like Panem and the Capitol is going to take over and have kids kill each other? NO. But i think reading about how things could go wrong like in the Hunger Games, or The Uglies, gives us a new perspective of our world.

Alright on to a lighter topic. I love the writing of the Hunger Games, the way there is never a dull moment and how Collins always has you guessing whats going to happen next. At this point in the series we are at a real turning point (ha isnt every point of these books a turning point!!) the Capitol has hit a new high of uncalled for. Ok maybe it was completely called for, Katniss did shoot the judges with an arrow... and she did Defy them in the 74th hunger game... And the President did basically warn her if she messes up again he has no problem killing her family. Ok so this was perfectly called for but it was still a whole new high of evil. Here is a list f all the questions i have about Mockingjay:
*district 13? whats it like?
*What will the Capitol do with Peeta?
*Will Kat choose Gale or Peeta? (more on this)
*is Cinna ok?!?
* will Kat bring the capitol down?
* will Finnick return to his little unstable lover?
-IMPortant Questions!

Lastly i am going to address the subject of which everyone is talking about. Gale Or Peeta. I'm only going to say this once cause i know this one always causes trouble. so here it is:

The Obvious answer to this conundrum is Gale. Team Gale. thats all im gonna say. I Love Gale Hawthorne.

and with that I say Happy Hunger Games! May the Odds be ever in your favor!!

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