Sunday, August 15, 2010

Roadside Attractions

I Recently completed reading: Amy & Roger's Epic Detour By Morgan Matson.

17 year old, Amy Curry is not alright. Her dad just died, her brother is in rehab and her mom has left her alone in their home in California while she gets things settled at their new house in Connecticut. At this point amy is just going thru the motions everyday. she doesn't talk to anybody, not even her friends anymore. And she certainly doesn't drive.
So when her mom calls and tells her she needs the car out in New England, Roger saves the day. Roger is a 19 year old College Boy, who's mother is a family friend. He is on his way to his dad's in Philadelphia for the summer and agrees to drive Amy up that way as well.  
When these two decide to take a few detours along the way things get bumpy. But they don't let that stop them. they are each on their own quest. A Quest for closure, for love, for forgiveness, for happiness, and for so much more.

When I first picked up Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, I'll be honest, i thought it was going to be another sappy chick lit. Although I do enjoy those books for the most part, i just wasn't in the mood for another. But i was surprised by how much depth this book had. From the cover and the blurb it seemed rather cliche but it was the little things that made it stand out to me.

I loved all the characters that you met along the way. You would only get to know them for a few chapters but yet they were so well developed you felt like you had known them the whole story and you didn't want to say goodbye.

I loved the continuous jokes and stories that developed throughout. Roger teasing Amy about her never buying new sunglasses. All of the nicknames (and there were a lot) Popping back up in random places to give you a little laugh here and there. And even a flashback every so often.

But what I enjoyed the most from this book was the journal bits. The scrapbook pages, the "where I've Been" pages, the Playlists, emails, and the random receipt placed here or there throughout the pages of the book. It really kept things interesting and real.

Over all I really enjoyed Amy & Roger's Epic Detour. It was a compelling and fun quick read.
You can enjoy this book for free till the end of September on by Simon & Schuster publishers.

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