Monday, August 9, 2010

School dayz

School is just around the corner and i have got a boat load of work to get done. I have recently finished The Once and Future King  the story of King Arthur and all of it's 700 page glory. Despite the size i rather enjoyed the read, all the tales of young Wart turning into a goose or an ant with the help of his friendly tutor Merlin. But there was one character I can't say i liked in the least. Lancelot. I don't see why people praise him. He was ugly, did you know that? He had the face of an Ape. and after reading and growing to love Arthur to Lancelot come in and steal his bride right out from under him. I found it down right cruel.

In other homework news i am now working on The Hobbit by Tolkien, the famous prelude to the Lord of the Rings series. I must admit i have never really been al that interested in the Rings series never really planning on reading them at all. I don't mind this kind of story, in fact it reminds me very much of the Narnia series which was very dear to me as a child and still is (but thats a story for a later time). I simply find Epics such as these so drawn out, the author goes on and on about the mountains they must climb and the weather they must suffer and finally the hero makes it to the prize and the story is over. Maybe that's just me. Actually i know thats pretty much just me other wise why would this be a bestseller?

Well thats my summer reading low down. i wish you fast reads and good notations on your own summer books!

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