Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fire And Ice: Always second best

Fire (The Seven Kingdoms, #2)Fire by Kristin Cashore
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I always love my trips into Kristin Cashore's magical world. She first captured my imagination with Graceling (i was head over heels for PO) And now with Fire. I feel like both of these books have a similar dynamic to them but with different characters and altered situations. I found that i wasn't as drawn into Fire's story as i was with Katsa's. i think it was because there was so much more going on in Fire's world. It was a love story and there was are and political conflict and the whole backstory of Cransel and soo many more characters it was hard to keep track at times. I enjoyed the story but i liked reading Graceling better.

I loved the royal family. They we all just so lovable. Nash was so sweet its impossible not to fall for him. Clara is so open and put together she is easy to like. Garan i had to warm up to but in the end he won my trust. Roen is such an amazing queen. She has served her people and her son's well. Hanna is so cute she reminded me of Bitterblue at times. And hanna's dad, Brigan. I didn't trust him at first but i just like fire i fell pretty hard for the hard working army man.
And then there is Archer. I loved him from the start, and from the start i knew Fire would break his heart. Archer was so dedicated to her it was suffocatingly sweet. His fate made me cry.

over all i enjoyed this book, not as much as Graceling, but i did like it. I can't wait for Bitterblue

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