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A Shallow Grave

Falling UnderFalling Under by Gwen Hayes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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*this review may contain spoilers*
*i didn't mark this review with the "hide for spoilers" cause i dont think i gave away anything really, but there are somethings that might be considered spoiler-esque to some. to those people i apologize :) *

The entirety of this book is a contradiction. Generally the plot was predictable but it had a few twist here an there. I didn't like the twists but they helpped mix things up from every other paranormal-horror-fairytale-wannabe-just-like-but-different-than-twilight-teen-book I found the writing sappy best most of the time. Yet i still wanted to continue reading. I actually kinda liked Theia after you got past her "woe is me" vibe. I liked Donny's strong personality and i loved Gabe for being the good guy.
So i liked the human world of this story; its just once you get to the Under part where i get reallly confused. So this world is like in her dreams yet when she is really there its different and for some unknown reason she is immune to the Lure... I was so confused when i first read about Theia's dreams. She talks about being out in the yard yet its different and she is in a dream but awake and it was just a mess of pretty sentences on a page adding up to nothing but befuddlement. gradually i began to grasp more but even now after finishing the book im am still at a lose as to what exactly happened in those first few scenes.

Lets talk ending. THis is the only part of Falling Under that truely surprised me with its turn of events. It was a very risky move by the author if you ask me. She ran the risk of confusing her readers even more with the switching of perspective and the state of the characters in general. This was a risk that i dont think paid off. I hated the perspective switch. Not only was it confusing but it was boring and HAden wasn't even himself so why would i want to be in the head of basically a random stranger. plus Nothing was going on. It was just a blabbering of words and no action. and while i endured through that agonizingly boring and uneventful section I was all the while fighting my self not to just skip to whenever HAden and Theia went back to normal. Needless to say it took wayyy to long. And even in the final scene the was still this awkwardness as i read. It just seemed forced.

so overall i didn't mind reading this book but i found much to be desired. I will probably read the sequel but lets just say i wont be pre-ordering it.

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