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So close and Yet so Far

He's So Not Worth ItHe's So Not Worth It by Kieran Scott

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Songs for this Book: The Fight Song- Sanctus Real

*Spoiler Alert*    So lets begin with saying i couldn't put this book down. And let me follow by saying i was really mad at this book for like pretty much all of it. I was expecting awkward encounters at the beach between Ally and Jake, not no contact at all. So that was a let down i guess. Because i really didnt want to read about Ally and that tool Cooper, her summer beau. I didn't want to read about Ally being a beyotch about everything either. Her attitude severely pissed me off. (not saying i don't understand these events. I get why she was acting this way. just saying i didn't really wanna read them) Things on Ally's side I didn't mind: Hammond, he really isn't that bad a dude. wouldn't have thrown a fit if they got a little closer. Faith, she wasn't there much but i felt bad for her. she seems to have good intentions. I was so happy about her and Shannon being civil to each other again.
With Ally being so unreasonable and hanging hanging with sleazy delinquents most of the time, i found i preferred reading Jake's side of the story more often. Yes, he was pretty whiny about his job but it was easier to deal with than Ally's bitching. And despite being a coward and not calling Ally he stayed true. That is until he got a little sidetracked. back to that in a minute.
Before i finish that I wannna make a shout out to Annie. I loved her little observation pages before each chapter. They gave me as a reader an unbiased look at what was truly going on around Jake and Ally. Plus her notes are totally relatable, (her comments towards work) and usually could make b=me laugh when i would have otherwise have been cursing Ally or Jake's newest dumb move.
Ok back to Jake's demise. So like i was saying, to me he was the good guy of the story (the options being Ally or Jake. Of all the characters in the story i would say Hammond is the ultimate "good guy" cause he just wants to take care of Ally and gain her love. poor Ham.) but all epic heros have a quality or event that leads to their downfall. Jake's being: he was too much of a coward to call Ally and fix everything and he is tired of waiting for her. Also he is not very cautious with his lady friends, he is a little naive, never realizing what the lady wants out of the relationship until its too late. i.e. Shannon sabotaging his relationship w/ ally and him not realizing why, and later his little late night "study date" with Chloe.
So just when you think the story is over and its time to wheel out the confetti and happily ever afters; turn the page. Yeah its not over. See in Crestie world Parties mean drama and Major issues. In our hero's case they didn't even making inside before the decent from their fall from grace began.   There are several lessons to be learned from Young Jake's story. One of them being: do not hook up with your sorta ex-girlfriend's ex-friend/good friend's on again off again girlfriend/study partner/neighbor/friend.  A more important lesson however is: Use a condom.

Welcome to the Secret Life Of the American Teenager Orchard Hill! Your life just became a bad tv drama. And Watch out Cresties, as if your recent housing rearrangement hasn't got you all hot and bothered, this news is sure to put your panties in a twist. :P

Side note: i say i didn't want to read a lot of this book but i want to clarify i simply mean it wasn't my ideal turn of events. I was totally hooked on this book i just was upset with some choices. But i realize that is what you sign up for with a book like this an i embrace it, it was a great story but i still get to hate a character now and again :)

Side note*: My prediction is Jake didn't actually get Chloe was actually Will (forgot his last name.. the norm electrician dude.) at least that's what i'm hoping for anyway!!

Side note**: Sorry if my review is really cryptic or overly personalized. I have a tendency to over dramatize my reviews for my own amusement. My English teachers say i use a lot of voice in my writing.

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