Sunday, August 21, 2011

No Such Thing as a Splendid Ending

Splendor (Luxe, #4)Splendor by Anna Godbersen
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So i waited 2 months to get this book from library (somebody sure took their sweet time returning it...) because i was soo psyched for the last LUXE book. I was reading it and i couldn't stop, i ended up starting tuesday night and finishing it by 6th period the next day. but despite how much i enjoy these books there were a few things i didn't so much enjoy.

1. these books could be half the size if they didnt have so many little details all throughout. I think i just skim half of these books because i don't care what lina is wearing or the arrangement of the chairs in the room.

2. I strongly dislike half the characters we are supposed to be following in the books. in the first 3 i read it all because although the chapters were all about diffrent people they all were of the same parties and would talk about the others too. in this last book i found i simply wanted to skip all lina and penny's chapters. I didnt cause i thought it may say something about Henry and di but the characters seemed soo out of touch in this book.

3. now i must beak the ending up into sub groups.

a. In the end. What happened t Tristian? yes he was really mean in this book (it was rather uncharacterist really. i always thought he and lina were so cute together but i suppose i was incorrect) and in the end was that a hint that henry and penny were back together?  I didn't like how elizabeth and teddy's relationship was (although we saw it coming) cut so short in the end. i felt like everything in the book was so rushed. I would have liked for Henry and Di to have had a few weeks in Havana and teddy and liz to have had a bit more time.

b. Now the big thing that has been bothering me. DIANA AND HENRY BROKE UP!?!!?!?i spent all this time to see if they could finally make it work and i was reading the last few pages just waiting for them to sail into the sun set but no. instead they make out on the dock, henry proposes and she tells him she is leaving and he shouldnt come! after all they have been through?! oh and she loses his hat! the hat from when the first met.  i couldnt believe it. and just like that, (just like the 3rd uglies book) just like that the series is ruined in my eyes. i must now erase the last 75 pages from my memory forr ever.

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