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SweetheartsSweethearts by Sara Zarr
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Jenifer Harris was the girl people bullied on the play ground. The girl who went home to an empty house. That girl everyone called Fattifer. Everyone that is except Cameron Quick.
Cameron Quick was the shy boy who alway spoke is mind. The boy who dreaded going home to more problems. That boy who was always by Jenifer's side.
Jenna Vaughn is the girl with the perfect family, loving step dad and all. The girl who has the great friends and hot boyfriend. That girl who feels she is half alive.
8 years ago Jenifer Harris made a promise to herself. A promise that she would never be Fattifer again. She promised that she would change so that people would like her. And everything was going just fine until he came back. The day she sees Cameron again for the first time in 8 years something pops in Jenna Vaughn's perfect made up world. It's like all Jenna wants to do is be Jenifer again but the pain is too much. She has to keep smiling her happy Jenna smile, she can't let fattifer out of the bag. But this is easier said than done. Especially with Cameron showing up and bring back floods of memories. Some of which are better left forgotten.  But no matter how hard she tries the shell of Jenna Vaughn is breaking, the secrets are boiling over.


I really loved this book. and yes i say this about a number of books but this one really surprised me. It's not really written in a style i writing i often enjoy but there was just this draw in the book that I couldn't help but love it. There was something about this book that was different from others. I couldn't put my finger on it. I always felt as if something were missing to the story. But at the same time thats what made it unique. This book was real. And in real life sometimes you don't get all the answers. Sometimes there is unfinished business.
What i think kept me reading was the sincerity of Jenifer and Cameron's relationship. The was this level to it of which there is no describing. It reminded me of my own best friend since childhood. How when you are with that person there is a peter pan mentality. how with this one person you will always be young and innocent together. Granted my friend and i didn't go through the tragedies Jenna and Cameron did together so we don't run as deep on those levels. But I think that same basic principal that there is one singular person in this world that knows you like know one else and no matter when the last time you talked, you know has your back, thats the feeling that we all crave. and its not just falling in love. Its so much more than that. That's what Jenna and Cameron have.
And that's why i really loved this book.

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