Monday, August 22, 2011

General Mills

So now that I am finally posting again I figured I should do a bit of a general update. I kinda forgot how much I like blogging. My own little private journal that anyone and everyone can read. And to be honest i like it that way. Most things I write are meant to be read. whether by one or by many. Even when i write down something private I think of it more as writing down something for people to find in the future. Kinda strange I know, but i guess I just like the idea that someone is paying attention. 
Ok enough of the deep psychology of my actions. Lets start my update with this: I have for the past 2 weeks had some part of an All Time Low* song stuck in my head for the entire day. It's almost always a different song and it comes and goes throughout the day. And when it is stuck in my head it is on constant repeat. This band is great and all but after hearing "Walls" for the 59th time you start to wish you could listen to another song with out starting to hum Walls in the middle of the second verse. 

Next note of this update, Spanish. Here is some advice to you all: if you don't think you exceed in Spanish, if you just got by with a middle to low B in Spanish last year, and if you don't really love Spanish that much, DON'T take Honors Spanish IV. Because most of the people in honors Spanish IV actually like Spanish. And most of the people in honors Spanish IV are actually good at Spanish. And so if you just wanna make it thru the year like you did in spanish III, think again and just drop the class. Because You could end up like me in a class of 26 people (that is a lot actually) half of whom you actually would rather not talk to like... ever. And a slightly over lapping half of whom make you feel like an idiot they speak Spanish so well. And if you decide to look up from your pointless, frustrated doodles and actually try to learn something, well forget about that happening. Not over all the side conversations going n everywhere. Cause remember, the kids in Honors Spanish IV are already fluent in Spanish. Why would they need to listen to the teacher to teach them something? 

so now that it is 4:30 i should probably get off the computer and do some of my spanish homework. Lame. So i guess that is my update. Kinda pathetic i know but thats it for now. I have a couple movies to talk about later so stay tuned. And remember to check out my Goodreads for more frequent updates on my latest books of interest. 

p.s. this post was title General Mills because I was eating cereal while writing it. And because I thought i was clever. 

*If you don't know who All Time Low is go check them out. They are all over youtube, and most all of there songs are on spotify as well. 

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