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Jace Wayland: BILF (boy/brother i'd like to f***)

City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments #1)City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
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Great book it was really compelling. I was slightly lost there at the start but as a read on i got reallly into it.

So the first time i read this book i was really upset by the ending. Not only was a still really confused by all the details but i was livid about the whole Jace and Clary situation. So at first my review was... well angry and harsh and anything but nice.
I went on to read the second book of course. And not so much because I really wanted to read it but because i like to finish what i start (and by then i was in love with Jace w/ or w/ out clary) And i must say despite my infamous hatred of 2nds (2nd books in a series, 2nd movies, 2nd helpings, 2nd anything) City of Ashes still made me want to keep reading.

Clare's story telling is truly amazing. SHe can weave her sarcasm and witty lines into her books like no other author i have every read. The whole reason i even pick her books up was because of some of the quote people had put up on goodreads from these books. Her characters are just so elaborate and i love that about a story. I love how her no matter how Huge her plot line is for a story it never swallows up her characters, she always leaves plenty of room for character development and a snide comment along the way.

So thats my rather lengthy edited review. I just wanna say that if you read this, please make sure you finish the series because it's not just one book that makes "The Mortal Instruments" its all the stories melted together. And then once you finish all three (that are out as of now, besides Clockworks) then go back and read this one again. Its 10 times better the 2nd time through b/c you understand the shadowhunter world better and so you can enjoy the story more.

<3 RCR

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