Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pretty Little Finale

Wanted (Pretty Little Liars, #8)Wanted by Sara Shepard
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Wow so i saw none of this coming. I mean i knew that Ali was going to have a twin, i figured that out as soon as hanna saw that picture at the mental place. But this whole courtney is ali and ali was courtney confused me so i'm going to just explain it here to help me understand(incase you didnt notice before SPOILER ALERT! im about to give away the answer to the whole series):

ALI was friends with Naomi and Riley until the day the girl went to steal ali's piece of the flag. Then Courtney became ali ditched naomi and riley for the PLLs because naomi and riley have a history with the real ali and would see through her game. and so on the day of spencers sleepover in the barn the Pll's Ali was inside while Naomi and Rileys ALi was outside. the Naomi and rileys ali killed the Plls ali.

sooo as far as the Courtney was ali and ali was courtney goes ali was ali for 11 years then courtney was ali for about 2 years, during that time ali was courtney. then ali wanted her life back but ended up with another 4 years as courtney.

After i finally got all this through my head i was so surprised. I really thought that it was melissa al these years. ever since she brought spencer to their grandparents lake house and ripped the heads off barbies haha but then of course one every one started seeing melissa everywhere i knew sara would never make it so easy to guess who it was.

Know that it is all over i still have some unanswered questions, nothing huge just minor little details, but im sure thats how sara wanted it to be. To give us closer but to still sorta leave us hanging. and some one once said "always leave them wanting more."

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