Sunday, August 21, 2011

Not Just another Paranormal Teen Romance

Die for Me (Revenants, #1)Die for Me by Amy Plum

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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I will be the first to admit when I heard about this book i was less than interested. Just the title "Die for Me". Really? how is that going to be any different from every other predictable paranormal book out there these days. And so I ignored it. But last week I downloaded the HarperTeen Dark Days of Summer sampler and started reading Die to Me at random. And despite my first impressions, I really enjoyed it, so must that i had to get the rest of the book right away.
Every since I read Anna and the French Kiss (by Steph Perkins [Amazing book]) I have been really interested in reading books set in Paris. It is such a wonderful setting and brings so much life to a story that Canton, Ohio just can't. (no offense to Canton!) anyway, Reading about Kate's journeys through the city to the cafes and museums was so fun to here about.
What really Surprised me was the originality of the paranormal aspect of the plot. Sure it is the whole "un-dead" thing again but the idea of a Revenant was so new to me. I loved getting learn about them having known less than nothing about them before, unlike in other paranormal books where you already know how a Vampire works but ooooh look this time they sparkle or this time they are vegetarian.(Um what??) Sorry been there read that. *Yawn* But this was new to me and i liked learning about them with Kate.
This book did have its fair share of sappy moments. And i think that is because for 1: its Paris! the city of love and 2: honestly underneath the 200 years or so Vincent is a huge sappy romantic. end of story. Needless to say I would be going for Jules if I had the choice. I have a thing for sarcastic men. (i.e. Jace Wayland)
One last thing I want to praise about this book is the family dynamic. In so many Books of this genre these days the heroine is an only child with absent parents. I loved the sisterly bond Kate and Georgia share and i think there relationship brings something very special to this novel.
Overall, I loved characters of this book, they all had something about them that made me want to get to know them better. I loved the Paranormal aspect. Revenants are so fun to learn about. (And the history lesson isnt bad either!)I wasn't impressed by the cover, it was pretty but kinda typical teen paranormal romance cover that makes me overlook it. But other than that and the relative sap factor i thought this was a great read!

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